«Real Quest»
Local quest or Online quest game

Exciting Escape Room adventures in the Old Riga — locally or online format.
Solve puzzles, find clues and discover all the hidden caches to get out of the room…

2-5 players

Your team can consist of 2 to 5 players at the age from 13 years old (kids from 9 years old can escape rooms accompanied by parents or our animator)


Get out of the room in 60 minutes, solving intricate problems and puzzles.

Game format

We offer local escape games and online video format quest.

  • Crazy hangover (play locally or online)

    Accidentally you got into the party of the stranger. In the height of the event during the fun, the owner of this party suddenly dissapeared. You understand that you are locked at the appartment and you are not really sober.

    Through the cloud of obfuscation you realize that the owner of the party is an extraordinary and creative person with a special way of thinking.

    You will have to deal with all his fantasies before you can leave this place.

    2-5 players, age 15+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • Abandoned research complex (play locally or online)

    Deadly virus escaped outside the complex. For humanity it ended a terrible disaster.

    You are one of the few in the world who were lucky enough to survive. It is time to save humanity, down to the lab and find an antidote. But not everything is so simple … a self-destruct system was activated. You only have an hour …

    2-5 players, age 13+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • Breaking Bad (play locally or online)

    Making drugs for Gustavo Fring was not very good idea - the war between the drug cartels and constant raids of DEA ended with you being the last team of chemists. The control has tightened, and security staff are watching over you, so that you can not leave the lab to perform the weekly norm. Fortunately, your lawyer has a person who is able to provide you a new life outside of New Mexico, you only have to get out of the lab.

    2-5 players, age 15+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • Strange Office (play locally or online)

    Discover all the secrets of the mysterious office. You are investigating the disappearance of the head of a large company. All strings lead to its competitor. You came to arrest a suspect in his office and discover a shocking surprise …

    You have exactly one hour to sort everything out!

    2-5 players, age 13+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • From dusk till dawn (play locally)

    Running from police you cross the Mexican border, and make a stop in a strip-bar called "From Dusk till dawn".

    Mexicans play on guitars, girls are dancing so hot, and tequila flows like a river. Music sounds louder and blood in veins start to pulsate faster.

    With every minute girls smiles get angry and bartender looks on your company too hungry! What the hell is happening here? We must to get out of here, its only hour left till dusk!

    2-5 players, age 15+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • Now you see me (play locally)

    You are first-class illusionists. Your main task is to get into the world organization "Brotherhood of the Eye".

    Once in 10 years the Brotherhood make a selection and you are invited to try you luck!

    You need to figure out where the illusion ends and reality begins. Your weapon is logic and right decisions.

    To get into the Brotherhood and get out you have only hour!

    Those who fail the tests will not be worth "Brotherhood" and will stay here forever.

    And remember that not everything is as it seems!

    2-5 players, age 14+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • Robbery at the Museum (play locally or online)

    You used to play poker with your friends. One day your excessive self-cofidence played out a bad joke with you, and you lost to the dangerous people. These people don’t forget such things...

    Their demand- Diamond. The Museum where the diamond is located is equipped with the best security system, which you will have to hack, but in orderto do this you have only 60 minutes!

    2-5 players, age 14+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • Maniac (play locally)

    Beginning of 90’s. In the news appears all sorts of horrors. People are missing, some of them are found with cut off limbs. This information is bugging the citizens, if it is true, if a psychopath is walking through the streets. But you didn’t believe it all, You thought that they are just rumors... Until you open your eyes in a dark building, where the smell of blood is all around. And then it hits you, it’s true. Now you have to decide, live or die, but hurry up time runs out.

    Overcome your fear and get out from the maniac house, before he returns. But is he really that different from the rest of us?

    You have 60 minutes to escape.

    Attention! Not recommended for pregnant women and people with mental illnesses.

    2-5 players, age 16+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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  • Quest Box (play locally)

    Quest box is the box with the tasks for logic, erudition and mindfulness.

    You are the residents of your city, you live your life and every day dream of wealth: if only you could find a case with money! And so, in one day, fate gives you such an opportunity. You find the case on the street! You are smart and take the case into a windowless room, so that no one will know about your find. Open it and understand that fate played a cruel joke on you ... It's a bomb! You have one hour to save yourself!

    You can play the quest box in our banquet room, accompanied by our leading company from 1 to 7 people. We charge 10 EUR for each additional person. The maximum number of participants is 10 people.

    1st hour of the game is 60 EUR.
    If desired, you can extend for another 1 hour for 40 EUR.

    1-10 players, age 15+
    +371 27 407 426
    Peitavas 4
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Booking and payment

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Strange office
Abandoned Research Complex
Crazy Hangover
Breaking Bad
From dusk till dawn
Now you see me
Robbery at the Museum
Quest Box
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Special conditions for local games' reservation:

Morning games at 10:30 on Monday to Sunday should be booked at least 2 hours before game starts.

Prices for real time games:

Price for one game by 2-5 people*:

From 10:30 till 15:00 on weekdays (the game at 15:00 is not included) - 40 EUR
From 15:00 till 21:00 on weekdays (the game at 21:00 is not included) - 50 EUR

From 10:30 till 21:00 on weekends and holidays (the game at 21:00 is not included) - 50 EUR

The games at 21:00 on weekdays, weekends and holidays - 60 EUR

* The extra charge for the 6th person is 10 EUR.


Payment is made on the spot by cash or cashless (payment card) before the game.

We accept:


* Alcoholic (0,7 promiles or more) or drug intoxicated persons are not allowed to play!

Prices for ONLINE games please look here

The new format — ONLINE games

Live video quests are the escape games that you can play without leaving your home. It is 60 minutes long adventure. The game is recommended for 1-5 players.
This adventure includes an exciting video game* with the participation of our game master, who will move around the room following your instructions to solve puzzles. He will also open new locations for you as part of the selected quest.
Each of the players will receive a link to sign in to private meeting with the help of a special video service Zoom. The link will be sent to you by the registered e-mail addresses, usually 15 minutes before the start of the game. In the column «Comments» of the booking form you will need to list all the players’ e-mail addresses separated by commas.


Gift card

Gift card is:
> an original gift for a birthday, any other holiday, or a sign of attension,
> a payment method for the online game.
The price of the standart gift card is 50 euros, and it is accepted as payment for one game in reality for the team of 2 to 5 people in any of our escape rooms from 10:30 till 19:30 included.
We also offer the opportunity to buy the card, which cost is 60 euros. It is valid for the local game from 10:30 till 22:30 included and 70 euros for online video games from 12:00 till 19:30 .
The gift card is available:
> in our office from 12:00 till 21:00, at the following address: Str. Peitavas 4, Riga or
> on our website by clicking the button «Buy online».


If you want:
1) To unforgettably celebrate your Birthday, Name day, hen-party or stag-party or any other important day for you
2) To make a team-building
3) To spend your time with interest and pleasure

Then you have to visit our escape rooms!

We offer you a banquet hall for different occasions: parties, corporate events, seminars and etc.

The price of banquet hall rent is 20 EUR/hour.

In the banquet hall you can play the board and computer games (there is a TV player, Sony PlayStation 4). Using a coffee machine costs an extra 20 EUR.

For more details, call us +371 27 407 426.
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Special offers

  • Students discount!

    The discount for students is 10% anytime for the real time games! Book now
  • Special offer for 2 persons!

    On working days till 18:00 (not included) the payment for visiting any of our real time quest by maximum 2 persons is only 35 eur.

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  • Birthday or Name Day!

    Birthday or Name day special offer for the real time games:
    On working days till 15:00 the final price is 35 EUR.

    On working days from 15:00 till 21:00 (not included), on weekends and holidays from 10:30 till 21:00 (not included) the final price is 40 EUR.

    On any day from 21:00 till 22:30 (included) the final price is 50 EUR.
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Real Quest company is intensively developing and successfully promote modern high technology solutions. We have gained a valuable experience in the sphere of quest-room`s creation, which we are ready to share with you. We always are opened for a conversation and cooperation with those, who have already created quest-rooms or who have it in plans. We offer you support and loyal conditions for our cooperation.

Contact Information

Our address: Peitavas street 4, Riga
Time: 12:00 — 22:00
(games, that start at 10:30 and at 22:30 or 24:00, must be previously reconciled with Real Quest administration)
Phone: +371 27 407 426
E-mail: info@realquest.lv
Reg. Nr.: 40103601584


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